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When I met with Zach and Alison, they were clear on having a low-key, no-fuss tone for their wedding, and I think they translated that into their day perfectly. Working with them was such a pleasure. Even when our photographic plans changed due to running into a dead crow in the stair well of a parking garage or a motorcycle festival bombarding all of downtown Raleigh, they didn’t skip a beat. It wasn’t about the setting being perfect. It was about being with the people that mattered to them. They left the decorum out and brought the good food, dance floor, and glow sticks in. It wasn’t that they didn’t give any attention to the details…as you can see Alison selected the most beautiful blue accents for her and her ladies’ ensemble and the the romantic vibes in the flowers and Sitti’s back courtyard definitely played their part staging a beautiful wedding, but their priority was to make memories with their guests. Whether sitting and visiting with their guests under the market lights, taring up the dance floor, or throwing down baklava, they celebrated and they celebrated hard.

Favorite things:

  1. The bride’s blue details
  2. That Parking deck
  3. Baklava… so good
  4. Sitti’s courtyard


Planner: Hand Stitched Events

Ceremony Venue: First Baptist Church

Reception Venue: Sitti

Makeup Artist: Teighla Norris

Hair Stylist: Teighla Norris

Dress Designer: Wtoo

Caterer: Sitti

Florist: Victorian Seasons

DJ: Gerald Morris – Sweet Sound Inc.

Cake Artist: Once in a Blue Moon Bakery

Shooting this wedding was a little bit like a blind date. I had never met either Jane or Micheal and had only talked to Jane on the phone a couple of times, which isn’t the norm for Joanna Sue Photography. Typically, we get a dry run through an engagement session to warm up and get used to each other before the big day. However, Jane and Michael needed no warmup. They quickly forgot the presence of  the two photographers in front of them and fell into the the euphoria of their brand new marriage, and their portraits unfolded beautifully.

Knowing very little of them before this day, I had the pleasure of learning more about them through the stories their friends told, the toasts, and the attentiveness to details that were scattered through out the day. I absolutely loved the beautiful decor and lighting at the Cookery’s new addition to their venue. This wedding was the second event held in the new space, and I think it’s my new favorite reception venue.

These are a few of my favorite things:

  1. Durham’s murals… it was literally a block down from the church.
  2. RED DOORS (P.S Episcopal churches almost always have red doors which makes for some beautiful dramatic backdrops)
  3. The guest of honor at the reception–the Chick-Fil-A cow dropped off a deliver of chicken nuggets for the guests later in the night.
  4. The warehouse vibes of the Cookery



Ceremony Venue: Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church

Reception Venue: The Cookery

Makeup Artist: Kathy Chandler

Hair Stylist: Kathy Chandler

Dress Designer: BHLDN

Caterer: Donovan’s Dish 

DJ: Nick Neptune 

Florist: Theo Roddy

Cake Artist: Details Cake Design and Bakery 


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