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Once in awhile as a photographer, you’re invited into the inner sanctum, “the circle of trust” to be the other pair of eyes, the family historian, and the documenter of milestones. A year ago I was running around in the flurry of the day to capture  Shane and Megan’s I do— their promise to do today, tomorrow and a million tomorrows together. Fast forward to this tomorrow. The white satin dress is in a closet, and instead of mirth and dancing, there is loving hushes and rocking back and forth. I do not throw this word around often, but truly, I found myself blessed to once again be seeing, clicking and capturing the beginning of something for this beautiful family. Immediately I was entranced by this fresh life, three-days-on-the-other-side kind of fresh. The newness of life, untouched by grief, disappointment and bitterness was altogether beautiful. Michael Isaac, your little soul is loved to the very brim. Welcome to this world.


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