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Jensen and Jimmy

Over the three years of college I had with Jensen, we shared three emergency room visits, dozens of Sonic trips and countless hours of studying and talking together. Being her photographer for the biggest day of her life meant the world to me, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I remember the first time I met Jimmy. He was just a 2D mustache in the Skype window.I knew that they had a history (in-love since middle school-highschool sweethearts kind of history) but I had no idea that they would end up here. The he started popping up here and there, visiting Jensen casually and sometimes not so casually with a dozen red roses in hand. It was all too clear that Jimmy wanted a permanent place in Jensen’s life, but that wasn’t easy. Jimmy is in the Navy which meant quality time was FaceTime, and special dates were really long emails. Despite the distance and time apart, they fought threw it and fought for each other. I LOVED how the whole wedding was tastefully infused with the uniquities of their relationship–specifically highlighting how they have and will stand by each other through difficulty and long distance. Their patriotic pride really tied the wedding together. Jimmy, along with three of his groomsmen are in the military, and the wedding was sure to reflect the pride they have in their country (patriotic sock and Navy cake). Not only that, but the wedding gave off such a traditional feel, as just 25 years before, Jensen’s own parents stood in the same chapel making the same sweet promise that she and Jimmy made. Ultimately, it was a stunning wedding. I hope you’re as excited as I was to see them together at long last.


Venue: Snyder Chapel and  Gates Four Country Club

Florist: Flowers at Main

Hair: Sharon Prigden

Dress Design: Essence of Australia



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