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The Rorexes

A lot of photographers use the words “authentic” and “lifestyle” and it turns out to be a picture of a family all laughing in unison at a joke. Of this I am also guilty, but today authentic meant taking pictures fast enough in order to capture millisecond, priceless expressions in between tears and fighting, beyond goofy (so goofy I couldn’t hold it together) antics and sibling camaraderie that truly only comes out when the camera has been put away. I learned a few things on this lovely fall afternoon with this family:

1. Although brothers can be weird, they are pretty much the funniest things known to mankind
2. Life atop Dad’s shoulders¬†is a girls favorite place to be
3. Magic can look a lot like children dancing in a fluttering of red and brown leaves

and last of all, the best lifestyle photography happens when they think you have put away your camera.


Thanks Rorex family for the afternoon, for the laughs and lessons. You have a beautiful family.

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