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Taylor and Tyler

I got all giddy yesterday when I was walking through the arboretum, scoping out spots and waiting for Tyler and Taylor to arrive. I had a little bit of that mother hen feeling when she asked me to take her pictures. Two years ago I was her RA, and she was the sweet freshman living at the end of the hall. I remember her going on her first date with Tyler. Amidst doing room checks and fire drills, I got to hear a little bit about her story and by default, his story, and I am so lucky to be able to do part of the telling of their story. Although the ominous clouds tried were a little scary, the herds of prom dates with their sequence and sparkly covered dresses and their parents with their flash photography and camera phones (Can you tell that I think prom is over rated??) proved to be a little more threatening. However, it was a great time catching up, laughing hard and chasing light. There is just something really cool about shooting a fellow alumni’s wedding. I can’t wait for December. Tyler, Taylor, you guys are beautiful.

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